What We Do

Meeting the challenges of information growth

In 2001, Westbridge Technology Group was founded in order to meet a need: Large companies needed help with technology that would allow them to understand and manage rapidly growing amounts of data and information.

The problem was also simple: Businesses were not getting the reports they needed quickly and efficiently. Typically, business analyst were becoming overloaded- simple reports and spreadsheets were not powerful enough tools to manage ever-growing stockpiles of corporate information measured in terabytes.

Enter Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is software designed to help businesses manage data. We specialize in what we believe is to be the best software available for large enterprises – including Business Objects, Oracle and Microsoft Analysis Services.

Although the consultants at Westbridge Technology Group are experts at Business Intelligence software, we understand that is not enough to simply solve technical problems. Westbridge Technology Group is also focused at meeting the needs of the business to access reports as well as meeting S.E.C. regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Our Values

We believe in developing each of our employees through a mentoring program. We are committed to becoming the best consultants we can be. To meet this committment, we work side by side and transfer knowledge from senior consultants to more junior consultants. What this means to our clients is simple – quality people and successful projects.